Welcome to Facond (Form/Action/Condition) documentation!


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Run the demo which uses Django server side:

pip install --user facond[demo]
~/.local/bin/facond runserver


It is released with the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License, but a commercial license can be made available, please get in touch with the author by email (see setup.py) if you are interrested.

Commercial license the money goes to YourLabs hacker club, a non-profit foundation to promote the role of hackers in the process of making our society more fair and free, while using their skills to develop local economy and give internet back to the people.

That being said, sponsors are: BetaGouv, Hitachi and YourLabs Business Service.


We’ve been inventing this over and over again for years. The first time I invented this was in 2009 and honnestly my python, django and javascript skills were pretty weak back then. Since then, I’ve seen users asking this, paying me as a consultant for this, making pull requests to have this in a per-app basis. It’s about time we have a generic solution that works for all kinds of fields, and not just the ones of the apps we maintain.

With lots of passion and love.

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